Two New Bible App for Kids Stories: “A Baby and a Bush” and “Let My People Go”

The Bible App for Kids has two brand new stories, both available now! Based on passages from the book of Exodus in the Old Testament, “A Baby and a Bush” begins with the birth of Moses and follows him into Pharaoh’s household. Then as an adult, Moses learns God’s plan for his life when God speaks to him through a burning bush in the wilderness. ABabyAndABush_Scene5_FINAL In the second story, “Let My People Go,” we catch up with Moses again, as he urges Pharaoh to free God’s people. “Let My People Go” continues through the plagues in Egypt up until God triumphantly leads the Israelites to escape from their slavery.


If you already have the Bible App for Kids on your device, all you need to do to get these new stories is open the app and tap the icon for each one. But even if you don’t have the Bible App for Kids yet, we’ll tell you below how you can get it right away. (It’s always completely free.)

TIP: While each story takes just a few moments to download over a fast Wi-Fi connection, you might want to download them first—before you share them with your kids.

What’s The Bible App for Kids?

Already installed on more than 3.5 million devices, the completely free Bible App for Kids is the newest app from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App. Designed specifically to give your children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own, here are all the places where you can get the Bible App for Kids:

The Bible App for Kids

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Now Enjoy the Bible App for Kids in Spanish or English!

We want children all over the world to enjoy learning about God’s Word through fun interaction and delightful animation, no matter what language they speak. The Bible App for Kids is available now in English and Spanish, with several more languages coming soon. If you want your kids to experience the Bible App for Kids in the language of their heart, simply set your device’s default language to one of these two. But we’re just getting started. Tell your friends: we have many more stories—and languages—yet to come!

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