Helping Friends Start with the Bible App Has Never Been Easier

The Bible App has an all-new sign up process that’s inviting, intuitive, and quick. We worked hard to have it ready in time for the holidays, when you’ll have more opportunities to invite friends to try the Bible App.


The Bible App makes sharing your faith easy. Just show a friend what it looks like on your device, and how you use it. If they like it, offer to help them install it. Then the new intro will welcome them warmly.

When people receive new devices as gifts, most of them want new apps they can try right away — especially free ones. And a free YouVersion account gives them all the Bible App has to offer: Friends, Bible Plans, customizable Highlights, Bookmarks, Notes…and more!


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About the Bible App

The Bible App has already been installed on over 160 million unique devices, all over the world. Developed by YouVersion, the Bible App™ offers more than 1000 Bible versions, in more than 740 languages. And it’s always completely free.

The Bible App™


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