New iOS Bible Widget Puts Verse of the Day at Your Fingertips

A new feature on Apple iOS 8 devices, called widgets, lets you jump from the Notification Center straight to the things you want. With the Bible App’s first iOS 8 widget, the Verse of the Day is just a swipe and a tap away, taking you straight to the Verse of the Day from any screen:

Bible Widget on iPhone

Here are the things the new Bible widget lets you do:
Tap the Verse of the Day to see it inside the Bible App.
Tap the share button to share the verse through Facebook, Twitter, Path, email, or SMS.
Tap the reference to return to the last chapter you were reading in the Bible Reader.


If you already have the Bible App on your iOS 8 device, here’s all you need to do to turn on your Bible widget:

How to add Bible widget

green-1 Swipe down the Notifications Center.
green-2 Tap Today at the top of the screen, and near the bottom, tap Edit.
green-3 Near the bottom of the screen, tap the Bible widget to activate it. It moves near the top of the screen, where you can slide it up or down.


Verse of the Day is also available on Android as a Widget.

Just go to your device’s Widget option, find Verse of the Day and drag it to your home screen. Android OS versions vary on how the widgets menu is accessed. Generally you can long-press the home screen until you get the menu option, then select Widgets.


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