Watch “The Story of Christmas” Video Series: Now Playing in the Bible App

Brought to you by The Lumo Project, the Bible App is now featuring this very special video collection throughout this holiday season. Each clip shows part of the story of Jesus’ birth with voice-over narration directly from the Scriptures.

The Annunciation Mary Visits Elizabeth
The Annunciation

God’s messenger tells Mary she’s carrying the Savior of the world. From Luke 1:26–38

Mary and Elizabeth

When Mary visits her pregnant cousin, at the sound of Mary’s voice, Elizabeth’s baby (John) leaps within her. From Luke 1:39-45

The Nativity Joseph’s Dream
The Nativity

Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born! From Luke 2:1–14

Joseph’s Dream

An angel comes to Mary’s husband in a dream to encourage him. From Matthew 1:18–25

Three Wise Men
The Three Wise Men

Herod sends the wise men to find the newborn king of the Jews. From Matthew 2:1–12

Gather your friends and family, and watch together as the entire Nativity story unfolds from the Scriptures. But don’t wait! “The Story of Christmas” video series will only be in the Bible App until just after the New Year.

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YouVersion would like to offer special thanks to The Lumo Project for partnering with us to bring you this series.

The Gospel of John


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