6 Bible Plans to Help You Connect During Lent

As that New Year’s excitement begins to fade, are you losing traction on some of the healthy habits you started this year? Thankfully Easter is on the way, bringing with it another chance for renewal. Christians all over the world observe the 40 days leading up to our remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection as a time to reflect, repent, and prepare our hearts to celebrate new life.

Seek God through His Word

Consider making the Bible an intentional part of your day, every day, between now and Easter Sunday. The most important things in our lives are best when we’re sharing them with others. Ask a family member or a friend — or several — to join you in a Bible Plan during Lent. Then each day, discuss what you’re discovering. Share your questions with each other, and encourage one another as you pursue greater devotion to Christ.

What are Bible Plans?

When you subscribe to a Bible Plan, the Bible App gives you a brief passage to read (or listen to) each day. Plans draw you into the Bible every day, helping you meditate on what God’s Word means in your life. Here are six Plans that can help you connect during Lent:

Lent for Everyone
N.T. Wright, 53 days

40 Days of Lent
Journey Church, 47 days

Devotions for Lent
Holy Bible: Mosaic, 46 days

ReThink Life
ReThink, 40 days

40 Days of Revival
Hillsong, 40 days

The 40-Day New Testament Challenge
Margaret Feinberg, 40 days

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? We have many more Plans to choose from:

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