New Bible App for Kids Story: Daniel in the Lions’ Den, “A Roaring Rescue”

In the latest story from the Bible App for Kids, “A Roaring Rescue,” God shuts the mouths of lions to rescue Daniel! From Daniel 1:1–4 and Daniel chapter 6, when God’s people keep disobeying Him, their enemies carry them away to Babylon. But because Daniel continues trusting in God, he becomes a leader in their new country. Some of the other leaders are jealous of Daniel, so they pass a new law to try to get him in trouble with King Darius.


When Daniel says he will only worship the one true God, the bad leaders try to feed Daniel to lions. But because Daniel won’t bow, God won’t let him be lion chow. God sends an angel to close the lions’ mouths and keep Daniel safe. The next day, when King Darius sees how God protected Daniel, he punishes the bad leaders and orders all of his subjects to worship Daniel’s God: the one true God!


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