November Featured Plans: Kirk Franklin, Louie Giglio, Journey Church, Kevin Gerald, Brady Boyd, & More

Kirk Franklin: The Overflow Devo
Kirk Franklin and The Overflow, 7 days

Multi-award-winning recording artist Kirk Franklin shares the heart and scriptural application behind seven of the songs from his new album,
Losing My Religion.

This Is Why
Journey Church Pennsylvania, 7 days

Discover the “Why” behind the “What.” Why do Christians pray, give, and serve in the local church—and then invite their friends to do the same?

Jesus Answers 9 Essential Questions
LifeTree, 9 days 

Using excerpts from the Jesus-Centered Bible, Rick Lawrence explores Jesus’ answers to life’s big questions, directing you toward hope, meaning, and divine purpose.

The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far
Louie Giglio, 7 days 

From Louie Giglio’s latest book, The Comeback, these encouraging devotions present Scriptural examples that remind us that God loves giving fresh starts.

Believing God is Good
No Matter What

Kevin Gerald, 5 days 

Kevin Gerald re-energizes your faith through biblical evidence of God’s extravagant goodness, showing that He is constantly working for our good.

Addicted to Busy
Brady Boyd, 7 days 

Select readings from Brady Boyd’s lifestyle guide, Addicted to Busy, help you slow down long enough to embrace the stillness and solitude that lead to God-given peace.