Get the Bible in the Languages of Nigeria


Thanks to the generosity of visionary Bible society and translation partners, YouVersion is pleased to offer several Bibles in the languages of Nigeria, all available through the Bible App. Just tap any of the buttons below to select a Bible in that language:

Bíbélì Mímọ́:
Yoruba Bible

Littafi Mai Tsarki:
Hausa Bible

Bible Nso:
Igbo Bible

Alkawal Kesal Nder Fulfulde Caka Naajeeriya:
Fulfulde Bible

Bwok-basa Dagwi wuna-na-sira roso tanga pas:
Berom Bible

Alkawali Woiwoyi:
Gbagyi Bible

Ezaa Bible

Izii Bible

Nyaa Shɔɔ Ɓɔɔ Laa a Ɓɛɛ:
Mumuye Bible

Ikpa Mbuban, Ikpa Mbuban Eyi Katolik:
Obolo Bible

Ikwo Bible

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