Bible App for Kids: Now with Games!

The best Bible App for Kids just got better.

Today YouVersion and OneHope are thrilled to announce the biggest Bible App for Kids news since its debut almost 3 years ago. Our latest update (available now) introduces so many upgrades and new features, the Bible App for Kids feels like a brand-new app.

  • Your kids will be delighted by the all-new interactive map that greets them as soon as they open their updated app. This completely reimagined navigation system makes it easier than ever (and more fun!) to find exactly the Bible story they’re looking for. (You can also tap a menu button to see the stories in a list.)
  • Full-color icons tell your kids at a glance which stories they’ve already downloaded, while faded white icons show which ones they don’t have yet.
  • As they’re exploring, they’re sure to spot the cool new badges on several icons, marking them as the first stories to feature one of several brand-new games! And when they complete a story with one of these badges, they’ll discover an all-new button: Story Mixup.1

Update Now

1After you’ve updated your app, the first time you tap on a story that features an activity you haven’t used before (such as Story Mixup), the app will prompt you to redownload that story to get the new content.

Story Mixup helps your kids learn Bible stories.

Story Mixup spreads out cards representing scenes from the Bible story your kids just experienced — but in random order.2 To play, they simply drag the cards from the table at the top of the screen to the drawer along the bottom, arranging the scenes into the same order as they happened in the story. When they put their last card in the drawer, if any are out of sequence, those cards jump back to the table for them to try again. (Cards they’ve already placed in the correct slot stay put.) When they get all the cards in the right order, confetti and music celebrate their achievement!

Your kids will love Story Mixup because it’s fun. You’ll love it because it locks Bible stories into their memory by helping them understand what happened when.

Get Story Mixup

2Story Mixup is available for In the Beginning, The First Sin, The Walls Go Up, It Is Finished, and God’s Good News. We’ll be introducing more new games and activities for other stories in the coming months.

Spread the Word.

Just like you, people are more likely to try a new app when a friend recommends it to them. (And offering to help them install it? Even better.) What if all you had to do to help kids fall in love with the Bible was tap a button? It really is that easy:


Find out first… what’s coming next.

Story Mixup is only the first of four brand-new games and activities coming to the Bible App for Kids. We’ll tell you more about each one when they launch. And, if you follow Bible App for Kids on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll be among the first to hear about these and other new features as soon as they become available!


About the Bible App for Kids

Four years ago the Bible App had been installed on over 80 million devices. And as more and more people continued to discover it, we wondered: What if kids had their own Bible App? Together with our friends at OneHope, we envisioned a fun app that could introduce kids to the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids was born, featuring touch-activated animations and engaging content. Today the Bible App for Kids offers all 40 of those original stories we planned, plus a bonus story! Already available in 19 languages — with more still to come — the Bible App for Kids is being enjoyed by children all over the world. Installed on over 12 million devices, the Bible App for Kids is always completely free.

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