“God’s Word ignited something in me.”

When you hear worship artist Ryan Ellis play one of his songs, you know it’s exactly what he was made to do.

But to Ryan, his purpose wasn’t always so clear…

Growing up, Ryan lived close to the poverty line, and started breaking into houses and stealing. He moved from city to city, trying to find direction and meaning.

No matter what he pursued, Ryan always felt empty and unfulfilled.

Until his mom started texting him Bible verses from YouVersion…

With every text, God transformed Ryan’s heart and empowered him to step into his calling.

“I could finally see the whole love story.”

Today, the “Heart of the Father” singer writes and performs music that helps people encounter the presence of God.

But, he might not have discovered that purpose if it hadn’t been for his mom’s faithfulness in sharing Scripture with her son.

Reading God’s Word daily has the power to transform your life—just like it did Ryan’s.

If you’d like to consistently read Scripture, the Verse of the Day is a great place to start.

Discover how to have the Verse of the Day sent to you every day—and then watch how God changes your life as you seek Him.

Get the Verse of the Day

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