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What does this season look like for the preteens in your life?

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5 Practices to Help You Become the Person God Created You to Be

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Follow my example: Even the Son of Man did not come for people to serve him. He came to serve others…

MARK 10:45

The things you do consistently over time create the person that you ultimately become. Are your habits filling you with the wisdom, compassion, and joy you need to serve others? 2020 may be more than halfway over, but it’s never too late to start growing. Here are 5 spiritual practices that can help you become the person God created you to be:

Find wisdom in God’s Word.

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Bible Plans help you learn about and explore God’s Word in manageable chunks, a little at a time each day, with selections you can read, listen to, or watch. Try a featured Plan, or search by category, topic—or even by emotion. When you start a Plan, invite friends to join you.

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Enjoy conversations with God.

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Prayer is simply talking to God about whatever is on your mind, by yourself or together with friends, and then listening for Him to speak. Our Prayer feature helps you keep track of things you’re praying for, Prayers you’ve created, and Prayers that Friends send to you.

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Connect in biblical

Group meeting together

We’re not meant to do life alone. Invite friends to join you in the app, where you can explore God’s Word together, share prayers with each other, and more. Look for Suggested Friends in your Home feed, tap [Friend icon], or go to More, Share the Bible App.

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Honor God in worship.

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Take time each day to express respect and devotion to your Father. Sing to Him. Thank Him in prayer for something He’s done in your life. Tell other people about what He’s doing. Search your music streaming service for “worship” or “praise,” then listen to renew your mind with reverence for Him.

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Invest in God’s kingdom.

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God modeled generosity by giving us Jesus, His most prized possession. Give your time by working to become a better listener. Use your talents to serve others in your community. Invest your resources— first into your local church— or consider supporting YouVersion’s mission.

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How will you draw near to God today?

Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

PSALM 95:6

Develop a Heart of Worship

When you think of worship, what comes to mind?

Worship is more than just singing songs at church—it’s daily expressing our reverence, awe, and praise towards God.

No matter what we go through, God is always worthy of our worship. And it’s never been more important to prioritize it.

Today, take a few minutes to pause and remember God’s faithfulness. (You may even want to sing praises to Him or tell Him what’s on your mind.)


Explore how to live a life marked by worship by starting one of these Plans.

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How do you study the Bible? Here are 5 steps…

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This year, many of us have had to adapt to a “new normal” that doesn’t feel normal. Sudden life adjustments like this can negatively impact mental health and lead to chronic fatigue and burnout.

Yet, in the midst of this, God still calls us to come to Him, promising to give us rest. One way we draw closer to God is by spending time in His Word, but how do you make time with God a daily habit? And then, how do you bridge the gap between knowing Scripture and living it out every day?

Here are 5 seamless steps (that form an easy to remember acronym) that can help you PAUSE, rest, and study the Bible every day—even when you feel overwhelmed.

Prepare your heart

Lord, my heart is not proud. I don’t look down on others. I don’t do great things, and I can’t do miracles. But I am calm and quiet.… I am at peace, like a baby with its mother.

PSALM 131:1-2

Start your quiet time by reciting this Psalm, and then write out your concerns and worries. Visualize putting everything that’s competing for your attention into a box, then giving that box to God. (You may have to repeat this process several times before you feel ready to move on to the next step.)

Ask God to Speak to You

Before you dive into your daily Bible study, ask God to help you understand His Word, and how you can apply Scripture correctly to your life. He promises to give us His wisdom when we ask for it.

A Prayer for Wisdom:

God, please quiet my mind so that I can hear You clearly. I want Your wisdom as I study this passage, so that I can recognize biblical truth and apply it to my life. Please help me clearly see You at work in Your Word. Amen.

Save this Prayer to your Bible App

Unpack the passage

When was the passage written? Who was the intended audience? What is the main theme? Are there any repetitive words and phrases (if so, why)? What does the passage show you about God’s character?

As you begin your Bible study, read through the passage several times, each time answering a different question. Pay special attention to any phrases or ideas that continue to stand out to you.

Summarize the Scripture

What resonated with you as you were reading? Spend several minutes asking God to show you the truths in His Word, and then write down 1-3 key takeaways from the passage. This will help you process and track the insights that God shows you.

Exercise the Application

If you want to grow stronger in your faith, then it’s not enough simply to study God’s Word—you also need to live it out.

Write out 2-3 ways you want to practically apply the Scriptures you’ve studied, and then regularly check your progress. You can even turn your goals into Prayers in your Bible App, and set reminders to pray about them!

Once you’ve finished your Bible study, spend a few minutes in silent reflection, and ask God to remind you throughout the day of all that you learned.

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Even when uncertainty surrounds us, choosing to PAUSE with God daily will ultimately help us see our problems and pain from His eternal perspective. And in the process, we will find rest for our souls and renewed hope for our lives.

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Here are your top Plan picks for August.

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Find a Plan. Build a Community.

What’s on your heart and mind right now? Whatever you’re facing, you don’t have to face it alone. We were made to go through life alongside other people.

If you’re looking for a way to build trusted relationships, try one of these Plans, and invite friends to join you. See what spiritual growth can happen when you draw near to God, together.

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