We have many reasons to give God thanks.

Psalm 100:4 Verse Image

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For each of us at YouVersion, when we discovered God’s story of love for us in His Word, it changed our lives. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping people engage with the Bible. And today, all over the world, more people than ever before are turning to the Bible to see what God wants to say to them through His Word. That’s a great reason to celebrate!

And, here are just a few more…

Plans help you connect with God’s Word by presenting you with a selection of Scripture for reflection each day. We’ve selected these special, Thanksgiving-focused Plans to help encourage you with a spirit of gratitude:

7 Days of Thanksgiving
A Plan of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Family Reading Plan
The Power of Being Thankful
Giving Thanks: Video Devotions from Your Time of Grace

More Thanksgiving Plans

Announcing Plans with Friends: Grow together in God’s Word…daily

Plans connect you with God’s Word:

Bible Plans, Reading Plans, Devotionals — whatever you call them, you probably already know that Plans are a proven way that you can get the Bible into the flow of your everyday life, by giving you just a little to read (or listen to) each day.

And the Bible is better with Friends:

When we spend time with friends, we often end up chatting about trivial things (movies or TV shows, sporting events, or recent purchases, as just a few examples). But, when we share our spiritual lives with trusted friends, those more meaningful conversations typically draw us closer to one another. Also, getting someone else’s perspective often helps us see things in God’s Word that we might not have noticed on our own.

Plans with Friends brings together the best of both.

Plans with Friends
Address a challenging issue in your life by inviting one or two close Friends to join you in a Plan. You’ll see one another’s progress as you complete days, and you can talk over each day’s reading in a private discussion area.

Discussion View

Kick off a group Bible study by inviting a few of your friends — or several — to start a Plan with you. As you complete each day on a shared schedule, you’ll likely see things in God’s Word that you’ve never noticed before, learning from one another’s perspectives in a group-text style of conversation.

Plans with Friends Process

Getting started is easy:

  1. Update your app
  2. Start any Plan
  3. Select “With Friends”
  4. Choose a start date
  5. Invite your Friends

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November 12th is International Day of the Bible

Let’s celebrate together!

Wherever you are at noon (your local time) on November 12th, take time to read or listen to passages from the Bible together with friends. Share the verses that encourage or inspire you on social media, and use the hashtag #BibleCelebration to help your Friends and followers discover this special day.

For your convenience, we’ve even included some example text below, along with a shareable Verse Image of the theme Scripture for International Day of the Bible:

Verse Image of Habakkuk 2:14

Be sure you spend a few moments today in God’s Word for International Day of the Bible.

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Share the Bible

What would happen if you gave a Bible to someone today? We believe that God’s Word is alive and has the power to transform lives.

Just share http://app.bible.com/bibleday to give away as many Bibles as you can today.

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Bible Plans Especially for Veterans

To all who have served: Thank you.

In addition to the godly wisdom that the Bible can provide for our everyday problems, it also offers hope and healing for the the more significant challenges often faced by veterans. No matter what’s going on in your life, by giving you just a little to read (or listen to) each day, Bible Plans can help you hear from God’s Word.

To honor veterans today on this their special day, we’ve assembled this special collection of Plans, each one developed specifically for those who have served:

Our Daily Bread: Military Edition

Hope After Trauma
Battles and Front Lines Devotional by Rita Springer

Explore All Plans

Hear what listening to the Bible did for a veteran suffering from PTSD.

See how the power of God’s Word transformed life for one veteran and his family, as one simple practice helped him overcome the Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury that had been haunting him ever since his return home from combat.

Tori Kelly: A Heart of Worship

Even before releasing her debut album Unbreakable Smile in 2015, word of mouth had already grown Tori Kelly’s YouTube channel to 700,000 subscribers. Since then, her Grammy nomination for Best New Artist — followed by her star turn as the voice of Meena in Universal Pictures’ animated film Sing — more than doubled Tori’s following, to 1.5 million.

A Heart of Worship with Tori Kelly Plan

A Heart of Worship with Tori Kelly is the all-new, four-day video devotional from the GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and producer, offering exclusive content that features Tori sharing some of her favorite Bible passages — verses that inspire her to pour her gifts into a life that glorifies God.

A Heart of Worship also includes four additional video exclusives. Listen and watch as Tori performs her own unique acoustic takes on some of her current favorite worship songs, including “So Will I (100 Billion X).” 1

Start Plan

Download the Bible App

Tori Kelly in God’s Word

There’s even a bonus video: an exclusive interview where Tori talks with YouVersion about her faith, and about the role that God’s Word plays in her life.

“We have to be intentional about just sitting down with God. …He loves that. He wants to spend time with us!”

1 So Will I (100 Billion X)
Words and music by Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, & Michael Fatkin.
© 2017 Hillsong Music Publishing. Used by permission.