YouVersion for the Web: “Notes” Now!

During our webcast this past Tuesday, one great question submitted through Twitter was, “When will we be able to take notes?” Terry Storch, our Digerati Pastor, answered that we planned to roll notes out on Friday. Happy Friday, everybody… Notes are here now!

What notes are. You can use notes to collect your thoughts, keep track of what God’s Spirit is saying to you, and even to share your insights and ideas with your friends. You can associate a note directly with a verse or passage (sort of like a bookmark with context), or you can just record your thoughts generally. As long as you’re signed in to your YouVersion account, your notes go where you go.

Notes come in two flavors:

  • Public. When you create a new note, its default setting is public. This means that anyone will be able to see it.
  • Private. You can mark any note as private at any time. That means no one can see it but you.

TIP: You can change a note back and forth between private and public at any time.

Start now. To add a note, just click the big Create New button and fill in the blanks. (Be sure to specify whether you want your note to be Private or Public.) Looking at an existing note is easy: Just click on it. Click Back to return to the list, or click the arrow buttons to scroll backwards and forwards through notes.

We’ll continue to refine the notes feature as we gain insight from how YouVersion users interact with it…and remember, notes will be rolling out to all our major mobile apps as well, so look for an update to your Bible App soon!

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