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Thanks to our generous Bible partners in India and around the world, Bible App users everywhere now have more Bible versions to choose from than ever before. We would like to celebrate our Indian brothers and sisters worldwide, all across the global YouVersion Community. You have been engaging with God’s Word in the regional languages of India in record numbers!

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In addition to Bibles, did you know we also offer Plan content in many other languages? Plans give you a small portion of Scripture to read each day, along with devotional thoughts that can help you study, understand, meditate on, and apply biblical truth to your life:


डॉ. डयूक जेयाराज
मन की युद्धभूमि
क्रोध को छोड़ देना
तुम हो
हमारी पहचान का डीएनए


অশ্লীল প্রলোভন থেকে রক্ষা পাওয়ার উপায়।


శరీరేచ్చ శోధన నదిగమించుట


ஆபாசமான காட்சிகளினால் வரும் சோதனையைத்
மனதி  ப ோ கள
இயேசு கிறிஸ்துவின் கொலை ஏன் நல்ல வெள்ளி என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது?
இவைகளில் அன்பே பிரதானம்


അശ്ളീല സാഹിത്യ പ്രലോഭനങ്ങളെ പരാജയപ്പെടുത്തുക
ആകുലചിന്തയെ അതിജീവിക്കല്‍

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And, of course, we still offer Plans in English.

Plans help you study, understand, meditate on, and apply biblical truth to your daily life. Start one of the Plans below, then open the Bible App each day and tap Plans. You’ll see a manageable daily portion of Scripture to read, along with thoughts that will help you reflect on what that Bible passage means to you.

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