Where does true love come from?

The Love Quiz

Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with “Love.” Movies, TV shows, music, apps, social media, books, culture… it seems like everyone has thoughts they want to share with us about love. Offering advice, dealing out gossip, even trying to sell us stuff. It’s like that old saying:

“Love is all around us.”

Of course we all want love. If you’re really lucky, you find it with family. Or with friends. We all want someone we can love who will love us back equally (maybe even some-one in particular). But:

What if we’ve been chasing love…from the wrong direction?

A teacher of the law once asked Jesus what one thing was the most important. Jesus answered him with two things, and in this order: “Love God,” then “love other people.” (Matthew 22:36-40)

And what even is love… really?

Is love a feeling, an emotion? Is love an idea, a thought? Is love physical, biological, chemical, spiritual? To truly love well, and in fact, to even understand love, you have to follow it back to its original source:

“…God is love.”

1 JOHN 4:8

How do you do that? You can find God’s heart in His inspired word. We can help. Take our quiz, and we’ll show you where to look first: